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The Sims 5 Project Rene: Sims 5 Release Date

The highly anticipated arrival of The Sims 5, under the code name Project Rene, is generating significant excitement among fans of EA’s beloved franchise. Recent news confirming that The Sims 5 will “coexist” with its predecessor, The Sims 4, means that EA will continue developing both titles simultaneously. Furthermore, Project Rene is set to adopt a free-to-play model from its initial release, following in the footsteps of its predecessor.

While opinions among fans are divided on this decision, the prospect of welcoming new players into the Sims community has led to its growth in recent years, and Project Rene appears poised to build on this foundation. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what we currently know about The Sims 5, also known as Project Rene, including official announcements, rumors, screenshots, and more!

The Sims 5 news

What Is The Sims 5 Project Rene?

The Sims 5 has been officially announced with the working title of Project Rene. Described as the “next generation of Sims game and creative platform,” it offers a glimpse into the future of the franchise. During the original reveal at the Behind the Sims Summit in October, Lyndsay Pearson, Vice President of the Sims franchise, explained the choice of the name Project Rene: “We chose Project Rene because it’s reminiscent of words like renewal, renaissance, [and] rebirth, and it represents our renewed commitment to The Sims.”

Pearson went on to emphasize that this new direction would stay true to the core essence of The Sims while pushing boundaries in terms of sim behavior, customization tools, storytelling, and collaborative features with friends across various devices.

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The Sims 5 Release Date

The Sims 5 release date
(Image credit: EA)

As of now, there is no official release date for The Sims 5. However, Maxis has taken the unusual step of involving players in the early stages of Project Rene’s development. Pearson stated that Maxis wants the community to be a part of the development journey, which is why they are sharing information about the game earlier than usual. Nevertheless, it has been confirmed that The Sims 5’s release date is still “years out,” so fans will need to exercise patience.

Pearson clarified that the Project Rene reveal “marks the start of our journey over the next few years.” She also noted that sharing information about a game years before its launch is a new approach for Maxis. Consequently, it is safe to assume that Project Rene will not be released for several years.

The Sims 5 Early Access

The Sims 5 early access
(Image credit: EA)

Maxis is planning to introduce Early Access phases for The Sims 5, with the intention of involving the community in shaping Project Rene’s development. Pearson stated, “Over the next couple of years, we’ll continue sharing updates with all of you on Project Rene. We’ll share in-progress work, explorations, sneak-peeks, behind-the-scenes content as well as start to open up Early Access to Project Rene software to small groups over time.”

This approach differs from traditional Alpha or Beta access and suggests that the community will have opportunities to contribute to the game’s development. According to VP franchise creative Lyndsay Pearson, “We’re developing this game in a different way and we’re bringing everyone along with us, and that means a lot of different phases of development which can include everything from closed invites in small public tests to large-scale early access options.”

The Sims 5, or Project Rene, is certainly breaking new ground in The Sims franchise, and fans can look forward to actively participating in its development over the coming years.

Will The Sims 5 be free-to-play?

EA has confirmed that The Sims 5, known as Project Rene, will indeed be free to download upon its official release. However, EA has clarified that it will continue to offer paid content packs for the game in addition to free updates for the core gameplay experience. Interestingly, certain features that were traditionally offered as paid DLC in previous Sims games, such as weather, may be available for free in Project Rene.

Lyndsay Pearson, VP franchise creative, discussed the game’s evolving nature and emphasized that Project Rene is not intended to replace existing Sims experiences. In her words, “Project Rene is not setting out to replace your current, awesome Sims experiences.”

The Sims 5 Platforms – Will It Be Cross-Platform?

The Sims 5 Platforms - Will It Be Cross-Platform?
(Image credit: EA)

While Maxis has not officially confirmed the platforms for The Sims 5, the Project Rene reveal showcased the game running on both what appears to be PC and mobile platforms. The developer aims to provide a seamless cross-platform experience, allowing players to enjoy the game on different devices.

Lyndsay Pearson stated, “No matter who you may want to play with, we want you to be able to play wherever you want.” The development team is actively exploring ways to tailor the gaming experience to each platform.

In a community update, it was mentioned that Project Rene will allow players to transition seamlessly between PC and mobile devices, ensuring continuity in their gameplay experiences.

Sims 5 Gameplay Features

Sims 5 gameplay features
(Image credit: EA)

Maxis and EA have started revealing gameplay features that are in development for The Sims 5 with Project Rene. These features are grouped by their impact on different aspects of the game.

For instance, Project Rene will introduce new sharing capabilities, allowing players to share clusters of furniture and items, rather than entire rooms or builds. This feature is designed to make collaboration and sharing easier among players. Pearson emphasized, “With Project Rene, we want to make it easier to work together and share. You can choose to play or create by yourself or with your close friends – it’s entirely your choice.”

Additionally, Project Rene is exploring a social play experience where players can design apartments together. However, it will always remain the player’s choice to play alone or with others, respecting the game’s potential as a private and intimate escape.

The Sims 5 Build/Buy Mode

The Sims 5 Build/Buy Mode
(Image credit: EA)

Project Rene will introduce significant enhancements to the Build Mode. Players will have more creative control, including the ability to choose colors, patterns, and shapes for objects. For example, furniture customization will enable players to modify the shape and style of items such as beds and sofas. The demonstration also showcased the ability to independently position throw cushions on sofas, promising a wealth of possibilities for builders.

The Sims 5 or Project Rene
(Image credit: EA)

Sims 5 Create a Sim

Sims 5 Create a Sim
(Image credit: EA)

While details about Create a Sim in Project Rene are limited, it’s clear that a major focus will be on hairstyles. The development team is working on modeling a wide range of hairstyles that span diverse representations of humanity. Players can expect flexible coloring options for their Sims’ hair.

Sims 5 Live Mode

Sims 5 Live Mode
(Image credit: EA)

In Project Rene, Maxis is dedicated to enhancing the realism of Sims’ behaviors and reactions. The team aims to convey Sims’ emotions and thoughts through their behavior, attitudes, emotions, and postures. The goal is to ensure players can understand their Sims’ feelings and thoughts intuitively.

Maxis is also exploring Sim Routines, both within and outside the home, to create dynamic and engaging simulations. Improvements to socialization are being developed with a focus on presenting information to players clearly and concisely, avoiding overwhelming visual clutter. The development team is striving for clean, simple, and user-friendly visuals in the user interface.

Overall, Project Rene promises to bring a host of exciting changes and improvements to The Sims 5, offering players a fresh and engaging experience in the beloved simulation franchise.

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