how to get the eggs in the show 23

Easter Egg Hunt in MLB The Show 23: Unraveling the Exciting Chase!

There’s an unexpected twist in MLB The Show 23, and it comes in the form of an Easter Egg Hunt. As players, we are constantly looking for challenges and novelty in our favorite games, and this egg hunt offers just that, along with a touch of whimsy. Let’s dive deep into this egg-citing endeavor and see what rewards await!

How to Get the Eggs in the Show 23

I bet you never imagined embarking on an Easter Egg Hunt in a Major League Baseball game, did you? The Show 23 surprises us with an array of colorful eggs scattered and hidden by our not-so-friendly Easter Bunny. But why indulge in this bunny? Well, the rewards are too tempting to ignore!

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Navigating the Egg Hunt

1. Moments Menu Easter Egg

Hint: There are nine hidden eggs at this very moment.

Solution: Head over to the Moments menu and explore The Great Egg Hunt moments.

2. The Globetrotting Egg

Hint: What do you call an egg that travels around the world? An egg-splorer!

Solution: Win games against four different teams from various continents. The Mini Seasons mode is your best bet.

3. Conquest of Eggs

Hint: Here’s an opportunity to become the Conqueror of Eggs!

Solution: Delve into a Conquest game within the Diamond Dynasty.

4. The Illustrious Golden Egg

Hint: The Golden Egg remains unrivaled!

Solution: Secure a home run during a Battle Royale game.

5. Under Pressure Egg

Hint: Why did the egg avoid conflict? To not crack under pressure!

Solution: Engage in a ranked game.

6. The Walking on Eggshells Egg

Hint: When on a leisure walk, it’s best to sidestep those eggshells!

Solution: Achieve five walks across any game mode.

7. Card Decorating Egg

Hint: Can cards be adorned like eggs?

Solution: Rack up 1,000 PXP using the Egg Hunt Program Cards.

8. The Age-Old Question Egg

Hint: Which came first? Bird or the egg?

Solution: Triumph over the Blue Jays, Cardinals, or Orioles in a Play vs CPU game, ensuring it’s set to a full nine innings.

9. Eventful Egg Hunt

Hint: Egg hunts always bring events!

Solution: Participate in an Events game.

Tempting Rewards

For those diligent enough to find all the eggs, MLB The Show 23 offers enticing rewards:

  • Catfish Hunter (SP) – 95 Overall Diamond
  • Swing Bunny Bunny Swing Profile Icon
  • Alex Bregman (3B) – 96 Overall Diamond
  • 5 The Show 23 Packs
  • Gregory Soto (RP) – 95 Overall Diamond
  • 3 Ballin is a Habit Packs
  • George Springer – 97 Overall Diamond
  • Reggie Jackson – 97 Overall Diamond
  • Golden Egg Profile Icon

Time is of the essence, as there’s no official deadline yet. So, initiate your hunt soon, lest the opportunity disappears without warning.


Q: Is there a set deadline for the Easter Egg Hunt in MLB The Show 23?

A: As of now, no official deadline has been set. So, jump into the action ASAP!

Q: Can players replay a particular egg hunt challenge?

A: Yes, you can replay challenges if you miss out on an egg the first time.

Q: Are the rewards limited to only one per player?

A: Players will receive each reward once after completing the respective challenges.

Q: How challenging is the Easter Egg Hunt?

A: It varies. Some eggs are easy to find, while others require more strategy and skill.


The Easter Egg Hunt in MLB The Show 23 combines the thrill of baseball with the joy of a traditional hunt. So, put on your hunting caps and let the chase begin. Remember, the more eggs you find, the more rewards you unlock. Happy hunting, gamers!

Cale Michael

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