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The Future of Pokemon Legends Arceus: DLC, Rumors, and More

In recent years, the Pokemon franchise has been evolving, breaking away from its traditional release patterns. With the introduction of DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield, fans have been eagerly speculating about the future of the franchise, particularly in relation to Pokemon Legends Arceus. In this article, we will dive into the details of the upcoming DLC, explore rumors surrounding the game, and discuss the potential for new regions and features.

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DLC for Pokemon Legends Arceus: What We Know

DLC for Pokemon Legends Arceus

In a groundbreaking move, Generation 8 of the Pokemon franchise broke the mold by introducing downloadable content (DLC) for Pokemon Sword and Shield instead of releasing a third updated version of the game. This shift was met with enthusiasm from fans who appreciated the opportunity to enhance their gaming experience without having to purchase an entirely new game.

The good news is that this trend is set to continue with Pokemon Legends Arceus. A reliable leaker by the name of Riddler_Khu has revealed that DLC for Legends Arceus is on the horizon, with an expected release date in April. While specific details about the DLC remain scarce, some intriguing hints have emerged.

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New Pokemon and Mega Evolutions

New Pokemon and Mega Evolutions

One of the most exciting prospects is the introduction of new Pokemon and forms, including the possibility of Mega Evolutions. It’s speculated that Gamefreak might introduce as many as 158 new Pokemon to the game. Fans are eager to see the return of beloved Pokemon that were absent from Generation 8, such as the Kalosian starters and other Gen 6 mythical Pokemon like Volcanion or Hoopa. Mega Evolutions for Legends Arceus starters could also be in the cards, offering unique and visually stunning possibilities for these Pokemon.

Exploring New Locations

While purely speculative at this point, the addition of new locations is another exciting possibility. These could include areas representing past versions of familiar locations like Iron Island, Fuego Ironworks, Fullmoon, and New Moon Island, each offering their own unique stories and lore. These new locations would provide players with fresh experiences and expand the game’s universe beyond the confines of the main series.

Unlocking the Past: DLC and Storytelling

Pokemon Legends Arceus has already captivated fans with its innovative take on the franchise, and DLC could further enrich its narrative. Players are eager to delve into the backstory of beloved characters like Looker and Palmer, with speculation that Gamefreak may introduce their ancestors. The potential for in-depth storytelling in DLC is a tantalizing prospect for fans who crave a deeper connection to the game’s characters and world.

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Peeking into Other Regions

The possibilities don’t end there. Fans have long wondered about the potential to explore regions beyond Hisui. References to other regions in the game have fueled speculation about DLC that allows players to visit places like Johto, Hoenn, Kanto, and more during the time when clans, villages, and Pokemon trainers were a newer concept. This expansion of the game’s universe could offer players a chance to witness historical events and lore that have been mentioned in other games, providing a rich and immersive experience.

Gyms and Elite Four

Another exciting idea is the expansion of societal development within the Hisui region. Rumors suggest that players might have the opportunity to assist in the creation of Hisui’s first Elite Four and Gyms. This could involve battling other characters to vet them for Gym Leader and Elite Four positions, introducing new and intriguing characters to the game.

More Regions Within Hisui and the Sinjoh Ruins

While Hisui is a vast and diverse region, there are still parts of Sinnoh that remain unexplored. Areas like Iron Island and the Battle Zone could offer fresh gameplay experiences and opportunities for players to shape these regions. Additionally, the mysterious Sinjoh Ruins, with their ties to Arceus, present a compelling DLC opportunity that could further connect the Pokemon universe’s lore.


Pokemon Legends Arceus has breathed new life into the franchise, and the promise of upcoming DLC has fans buzzing with excitement. From the prospect of new Pokemon and Mega Evolutions to the potential to explore other regions and unlock the secrets of Hisui, the future of Pokemon Legends Arceus is looking bright. As fans eagerly await the release of DLC in April, one thing is certain: the Pokemon universe is expanding, and the adventure is far from over.

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